Imperial Book of the Dead


The Imperial Book of the Dead: Tradition demands that the graveyards of the Iron Kingdoms be maintained, and that certain rituals be performed to honor the Imperial dead. The power of the evil Dragonfather grows wherever these traditions are not observed, as the disgruntled dead switch allegiance from the line of Emperors to the lord of the dead. To make matters worse, the locations of many graveyards and the precise rituals needed to correctly venerate the dead were lost in the chaos
of past Ages, so even when people try to keep their ancestors from turning to the evil Dragonfather Toruk, they are not always successful.

Depending on how you obtained it, this book might be the product of decades of reconstruction and investigation
by the best human historians and the theologians (aided by the Priestess herself ), or it might be a musty original from the
libraries of the Necropolis. Either way, it contains hundreds ofdifferent rites and rituals, each keyed to a particular region,
graveyard or even a particular family. Many of the rites are lengthy or require specific offerings or sacrifices.

On a full heal-up, roll a d6. On a 5-6, your diligent study of the Imperial Book of the Dead tells you there’s a graveyard/
tomb/burial site/ancient battleground/necropolis nearby. If you
go there and perform the necessary rites, you get a temporary
1-point relationship with the Lich King (the nature of this
relationship is up to you – are you recruiting the neglected dead
for his army, or placating them so they don’t join him?). As a side
effect of your duties, you get a +4 bonus to any checks relating
to rites for the dead, the gorier bits of Imperial history, or when
speaking to intelligent undead creatures.
It’s considered high treason, not to mention tacky, to use
this book to find tombs worth looting. Quirk: Pick a dead
friend or relative to haunt you.


Imperial Book of the Dead

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