The Thirteenth Throne

Falana's Journal #2

A lot has happened sense I last wrote.

In short, I have a new house in Not, old Korvosa. Though I still have my old house in Old Korvosa. Perhaps it’ll still serve a purpose once Old Korvosa is out of the quarantine. I’ll get to that later.

After the group had taken the cursed silver to the queen they made their way to the plauge hospital. I. Met up with the as I came back I to town from gathering supplies. These plauge cases have been depleting my stores like no other . Treating the symthoms, but not cause is trying. My research from the week before had yeilded little results.

Anyways as I came back in town I met up with Ishani, and I happened to notice the main group get lead into the plauge hospital by the Grey Maidens.. Sneaking to the side of the building we peeked in the windows tinder the being lead into the upstairs. Climbing a trellis to the second floor we see the Madiens stand behind the group, introducing them to some floating man with this disgusting hat… Or growth on his head. Things seemed to be going sour, so in attempt to open the window, I misjudged the height of the windowsill and brought a hoof through the glass. Very stealthy like.

One distrubing fright later, Rolth I learned, could control people to do his bidding. After we brought him down, Commander Kroth stepped in and we decided to send Rolth into hiding and questioning, as it seemed he wanted the credit for creating and spreading the plauge. But also mentioned the Queen being in kahoots with him. We found a secret underground chamber after the freight as well. After some of the usual traps we found Ishani’s friend, and a lot of information on the plauge. Finally!

In other news, that chamber had an underwater canal system, and we had just missed the other skum responsible. We found that there was a lot of corrupted blood being sent to the castle. Weird I feel like people would notice that..Maybe the undercastle could hint at something.. Surprisingly, my subspisions about the Arcona family were misplaced.
The meat that was being handed out seemed to help anyone who ate it from being affected by the plauge… There was human in that meat…And the Umbrians seemed to be immune to the plauge… and sperated from the general population…Curious.

There are rumors there was an attack on the queen. A litteral attack. One that should have killed her. She survived, but the general of the kingsgaurd was killed..

Last we know, we need to find someone in old Korvosa, but I don’t remember who… It’s been a long day.


JetWong ShaniquaBowdre

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