Falana's Yastraxis

Potion throwing apothecary, fashionable hooves


A tall Satyxis woman, of grey skin and shaved horns.

Falana’s has black-purple hair and yellow eyes, she keeps her horns short to avoid attracting too much attention, and out of her own shame for failing to save the princess. She is often wearing a large great coat of various pockets and a bandolier filled with potion bottles. She often smells of herbs and catnip, for sone reason.

Her staff is usually strapped to her back, and rarely used. However the large claw shape at the top seems to be useful for… Something.


Falana has been in Korvosa for at least 10 years, serving under the late king and general public.

She was outcast from the castle due to being faced with an already impossible task of saving the already very stick princess who was dying. Falana, actually made the give the princess a posion to kill her quickly so she would suffer no longer. However, a novice apothecary saw her mixing the potion, believing that Falana was responsible for bringing the Illness to the princess originally. Thus Falana was cast out, and the Terrible rumor had spread.

Falana adventures to save her reputation, and business from the bottom of the rumor mill.

Falana's Yastraxis

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