Heraldic Shield

This shield has your family's crest on it.


Heraldic Shield (quick action – recharge 16+): Your shield bears
the heraldic symbol of your family (or that of some other noble
knight, if you looted this shield in a dungeon). Either way, you
may invoke the aid of that symbol, causing a spirit animal to
manifest on the battlefield. This spirit remains until the end of
the battle (or until you disgrace your family, causing it to leave
in disgust). The benefit provided by the spirit depends on what
it is, but here are some ideas.
• Boar: +1d4 damage if you hit someone in the same round
you move to engage them (champion: +2d4; epic: +4d6)
• Eagle: +1 damage to ranged attacks, hit or miss (champion: +3;
epic: +6)
• Dog: Enemies engaged with you have an additional -1
penalty to disengage check. (champion: -2; epic: -3)
• Unicorn: You may rally a second time in a battle without
rolling (champion: once per battle, you can rally on behalf
of a nearby ally; you spend the standard action and the
recovery, they get the healing; epic: twice per battle)
• Griffon: Once per battle, when you inflict a critical hit on a
foe, you may immediately make a basic attack on a different
enemy as a free action. (Champion: twice per battle; epic:
three times per battle).
• Lion: Once per battle, you can roar. You cause fear as
though you were a monster with a fear aura until the start
of your next turn (champion: you count as being one level
higher for the purposes of determining your fear threshold;
epic: two levels higher).
• Wolf: +1d6 damage on opportunity attacks (champion:
+2d6; epic: +4d8)
• Dragon: Once per battle, when you inflict a critical hit
on an enemy, you immediately deal 1d6 fire damage to all
other engaged enemies (champion: 2d6; epic: 4d8)
• Snake: Once per battle, when you hit an enemy engaged
with you, you may add 5 ongoing poison damage to the
damage roll (champion: 10 ongoing; epic: 15 ongoing)
Quirk: Family honor is everything.


I once knew this barbarian. Eight feet tall he was,
and nearly as broad across the shoulders, eyes like
smoldering coals. He comes out of the north, as
barbarians do, and does all the things you’d expect a
barbarian of that sort to do. He loots dungeons, slays
monsters, sacks cities, seduces princes. The Emperor
gives him a castle to keep him quiet, and a noble title
to go with it. So, now that he’s a respectable noble,
our barbarian goes and gets himself a suit of magic
plate armor, and a magic shield to go with it.
The shield-maker asks him what the heraldic
symbol of his house is, and the barbarian doesn’t
know. He thinks about it, and picks the most
impressive beast he’s ever seen.
KORU! he says, in this deep booming voice like
an earthquake.
So the shield-maker paints a behemoth on the
magic shield.
Next time a demon shows up, the barbarian
girds his loins, and the rest of him too, and rides out
to meet it in battle. He invokes the power of his shield
and calls on his heraldic spirit…
You can still see the crater. It’s in the shape of
a behemoth footprint. Squished him and the demon
flat as two pancakes.
That’s why, if they ever make me a baron, I’m
going to rule under the sigil of something small and
very safe. I’m thinking goldfish. You?

Heraldic Shield

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