Manual of Victory


Manual of Victory (recharge 16+): Those who study this
monograph on total warfare come to understand that a
bloodless victory is a hollow one, and that it is only from
sacrifice and suffering that true glory arises. The first time one
of your allies falls on the field of battle (drops to 0 hit points
or is otherwise slain or incapacitated), choose one of the
following effects:
• Increase the escalation die by 1
• Take an immediate standard action for free
• Increase your weapon damage dice by one step (d6s become
d8s, d8s become d10s) for the remainder of the battle
Be warned, though – if the fallen ally is healed and returns
to the fray, it throws your tactical calculations off, and you no
longer benefit from the escalation die for the rest of the battle.
Quirk: Refight famous battles in your head or on the tabletop.


They say that this was the first book written by Menite priests after they took down the Canon of the True Law. Of course, it’s not clear why they’d write it down in this and NOT in that holy book…

Manual of Victory

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