The perfect sword.


Serithial is a (+3 Epic Bastard Sword) crafted, it is said, by the very first Morrowans as a gift for crusaders heading “to the most distant and utter East.” The sword was handed from man to man during their travel until finally coming into the hands of Mandraivus, the leader of the crusaders that marched against Kazavon. Some believe that Morrow himself ordered its construction, foreseeing that Mandraivus would need it and that it would be passed to him.

Although made of steel, Serithial counts as whatever material is needed for the purposes of finding weaknesses or avoiding resistances. It glows as though constantly surrounded by a magical light, though this can be quenched if the user wills it.

The sword deals an extra +2 dice of damage against worshippers of Thamar, as well as any who serve Queen Ileosa or worship her. Engravings on the sword indicate that although it is lethal against foes of Morrow, it is even stronger if the user follows Morrow’s path and converts rather than kills.

While Serithial was forged as a bastard sword, it changes to any weapon type that the wielder is proficient with. The sword can also force any one creature that is touching the sword to be speak only the truth for ten minutes, per day. The wielder can never be restrained, magically or otherwise, when a Thamarite cultist attacks the wielder.

Finally, When you hit with this weapon, you spirit away that enemy and yourself to an empty void beyond time where only the two of you face each other for a short time. Neither you nor your foe can move, but you can sure fight. Your enemy acts first,
then you, and then you are both spirited back to the real world exactly where you were when the power triggered. Bystanders
only see a flash of black. This does not trigger for every attack.

Quirk: Has disturbing dreams that can’t be remembered, or at the very least must not be.



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