The Thirteenth Throne


We’ve been quite busy. I’ve acquired several new friends. Some rasist Templar, an interesting cook, some skiddish college mage and some short forest man.

The sovorign has drafted us to deal with several issues they’re too busy to deal with. Whatever, if it gets me back on their good side.

Maybe I should attempt to get a disguise, my… Reputation is getting ahead of me in more manners than I’d like.

We have line my pockets with some gold, and I’ve managed to get another house. Which is great after the thuggish valued have destroyed all of my furniture.

It’s taken me a bit to move over this short break, now that my potions are secure and my supplies restocked I hope to try some new combinations and … Work on my aim.


Work on your aim? Psshhh, you ask me, you got a perfect hit last time!

JetWong ShaniquaBowdre

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