The Thirteenth Throne

Phish's Journal

I’ve been hanging out in the catacombs lately – mom and dad would flip if they found out this is where I’ve been, even more so if they knew I was part of the resistance trying to overthrow the Queen! But hey, I don’t follow their orders anymore and I’m certainly not just going to hide away in our mansion like the rest of those pathetic nobles. Boring!

Speaking of pathetic nobles – Kroft and the goons hatched a plan to get rid of some. There’s this party being hosted on the East Shore by some important lady (forgot her name, who cares) and some guy is also coming yada yada two birds with one stone. Anyway anyone who lives on the East Shore is loaded so I bet I could make out of there with something nice. Let’s just hope big sis isn’t there – she’s always going to these stupid parties.

Kroft, Lavendar, Yuri, Ivan and I set out to take a look at the place the day before. We needed some way to get in. Kroft and her goons were able to get a reluctant invitation since they’re, y’know, important and stuff. This old lady Lavender and I had to disguise ourselves as staff help for the party. Weird thing though, there were crates of that terribly weird plague-curing meat being peddled in. Lavender also said she found a shrine of some sort on the upper floor. It’s always the damn nobles that are into this weird shit. Meanwhile, I got stuck peeling potatoes… reminder that I need to find one of those weighted coins so I can stop losing coin flips…

Again, it’s always the nobles that are into weird shit. We come up with this plan to steal the house keys from the Hostess we’re trying to screw over, that way I can get to the chest on the upper floor and get her mother’s will. Honestly, I forgot why, since we ended up just knocking over that shrine Lavender found. Hey! Turns out hostess lady was a damn zombie or something. And that other bird was courting a girl but he had sworn an oath of celibacy. So, yea, nobles are terrible people. Good work crew. Oh, and my sister was there, of course, and I wasn’t able to get out with any good shit. What do I do this for again?


JetWong afterly

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