The Thirteenth Throne


Rumors that may be out of date, but are somewhat fun to read

General Rumors
• “King Elgyn always did have a weakness for young women. Even after he married Ileosa, he continued to pursue idle dalliances with attractive artists, performers, and debutantes who visited the castle.”

• “King Elgyn had a deformed brother who died at birth. The deformed baby is kept in the castle attic, preserved in a jar of alcohol!”

• “King Elgyn didn’t die of old age—he was made sick and thus murdered by someone he trusted! My money’s on the castle seneschal, Neolandus. Why else would he flee Korvosa after Elgyn’s death?”

• “Rumors that King Elgyn was murdered are false; he died of old age, and anarchists are using the tragedy to damage Ileosa’s reputation and perpetuate unrest in the city.”

• “They never caught the Key-Lock Killer; he just vanished after killing nine people in their own locked homes back in 608 AR. They say that seven of the nine had ties to nobles who opposed the arbiters and that the Key-Lock Killer was on the arbiter payroll. I think the Key-Lock Killer was one of the arbiters themselves, and I think he’s still alive, serving as a judge to this day! It’s all a conspiracy!”

• “No Korvosan monarch has ever died of old age. No Korvosan monarch has ever produced an heir after being crowned. They call it the ‘Curse of the Crimson Throne.’ No way in hell would I ever sit in that chair if I got crowned!”

• “King Elgyn kept up his secret affairs to the day he died. Ironic, in a sense, if what I’ve heard is true—that he was murdered in his sleep by one of his paramours – some artist named Tryna!”

• “The Acadamae’s closed its doors and says the doors will stay closed until the troubles in Korvosa die down. Can’t say I blame them!”

• “All sorts of unsavory groups are capitalizing on the unrest. Thieves, rebels, farrow, and even cultists from the Nightmare Empire are plotting against us in the shadows!”

• “There’ve been more and more otyugh attacks lately; it’s like the monsters know things are bad up above and are clambering up from the sewers for fresh food!”

Chapter 1 Rumors

• “The Knights Exemplar are giving up on Korvosa and are making plans to leave the city.”

• Most of the visiting ambassadors in Korvosa have fled the city; those few who are staying behind are doing so because of personal issues at home. I’ve heard that Duayne Cormick is one of the latter; there’s something he’s hiding from that’s keeping him from returning to Cheliax.”

• “The Shoanti aren’t here to broker peace. They’re just sizing us up in preparation for war!”

• “Been more sightings of river ghosts lately; you know, the little blue spirits that sneak around in the alleys and abduct drunks or others foolish enough to sleep on the streets!”

• “Food’s growing scarce fast in the city. Hope the queen gets things under control soon. I’ve heard a butcher in North Point’s been handing out free meat, but who knows how long that generosity will last?”

• “Eel’s End has something the rest of Korvosa lacks of late: loyal guards. The place may be unsavory, but it’s one of the safest places you can be these days—provided you don’t annoy the King of Spiders, of course!”

• “The Korvosan Guard is stretched thin and is desperate for help; they’ve taken to hiring common thugs and money-grubbing mercenaries to police us!”

Chapter 2 Rumors

• “They tried to resurrect the king, but it backfired. That’s what’s causing the plague!”

• Arbiter Zenobia Zenderholm has turned her back on tradition in offering up the Longacre Building for the queen’s use. I wonder how much the crown paid her off for this treason?”

• “The plague came from that ship that sailed upriver a few nights ago. The Guard sank it, but someone must have made it to shore to spread the sickness!”

• Blood veil is our just deserts for being a citywide blot of sin and materialism. Give up all your worldly possessions, and the gods will save you!”

• “Those Queen’s Physicians might look eerie in those long coats and creepy masks, but don’t let that fool you. They really are here to help!”

• “The queen blames the Guard and Khador for failing to keep us safe. These Gray Maidens are her response—a group of guards that can actually help protect us! Praise Morrow!

• “The Queen’s Physicians have set up a hospice to provide comfort to the plagued and to search for ways to fight the illness, but I wouldn’t set foot in that building. Think of all the sickness concentrated in there.”

• “Doctor Damasco was the queen’s personal physician, and he helped her escape a terrible life in Ord. In a way, he’s sort of responsible for why she ended up being the queen of Korvosa!”
• “The churches are in on it! They aren’t trying to cure the plague—they’re just saving those they want rather than the rest of us! They’re hoarding the cure!”

• “Did you hear? Some of the nobles down in Southern Korvosa are “fighting” blood veil by hosting exclusive shut-ins where they and their friends wall up in a manor to wait out the plague during a days-long party. What I wouldn’t give to be rich!”

• “Blood veil started in Old Korvosa, and the queen’s sending her Gray Maidens to burn the bridges of the Narrows to quarantine the entire island!”

• “The sickness came from the sewers—in particular, from all those filthy Farrow. They’re using it to try to kill us all off; everyone knows wererats are immune to the sick! If they have their way, we’ll all die, and they’ll inherit Korvosa!”

• “The new seneschal of Castle Korvosa, Togomor, is a bloated mage from the Academae. Can’t say that’s the type of person I would have chosen to be the steward of my home, but hey, I’m not royalty, so what do I know?”

• “There are plenty of folks out there who are peddling ‘cures’ for blood veil, but one of them actually works! It’s going on sale at a place called Lavender, but don’t tell anyone—they won’t have enough supplies for us all, so get there early!”

• “You can make a fair amount of coin hauling bodies these days, but a lot of the folks the church of Morrow is hiring to do the job are lazy, shiftless crooks. They’re taking the money and just dumping bodies in out-of-the-way corners rather than hauling them all the way south to Gray and one of the mass graves there.”

• “The cult of the Dragonfather is behind all this! They see Korvosa as a change to test out new and awful plagues and diseases!

• “The leader of the Gray Maidens is Sabyna Merryn, the queen’s own bodyguard.”

• “Everyone’s gone from Eel’s End; the King of Spiders mostly has it all to himself. Paradoxically, it’s just about the safest place in the city – nobody’s there to spread the plague!


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