Above is a view of Korvosa looking west towards Conqueror’s Bay, with the major landmarks easy to spot. In the heart of the city, perched atop its tall pyramid, is Castle Korvosa. Citadel Hill is just to its right, with the Acadamae controlling the heights. A trick of perspective makes it appear as if Citadel Hill rises higher than the Castle—the reverse is actually true. On the far right, one can see Old Korvosa on Endrin Isle, splitting the Jeggare River between it. In the foreground are the hovels of Trail’s End, which encroach right up to the walls of East Shore. Just across the river from East Shore sits Citadel Volshyenek, the headquarters of the Korvosan Guard, on a spit of rock jutting into the water. It overlooks the Midland District that faces the river. Further south, left of the Pillar Wall, is the Gray District where Korvosa’s dead rest in eternal slumber. West of the Gray District, facing the bay, one can just make out the gilded manors of South Shore, the city’s wealthiest district.


The Academae
Castle Korvosa
East Shore
The Gray
The Heights
North Point
Old Korvosa
South Shore

Korvosa is divided into six distinct districts, each with its own subdivisions of neighborhoods, as summarized below.
East Shore: Home to a handful of noble houses, East Shore has no subdivisions within its borders.
The Heights: Nearly all of Korvosa’s power players reside in the Heights, Korvosa’s administrative heart.
• Citadel Crest: The wealthiest neighborhood in the city.
• Cliffside: Second only to Citadel Crest in affluence, Cliffside hosts much of Korvosa’s aristocracy.
• University: Those who dwell here may not own a lot of wealth, but they are undeniably rich in knowledge.
Midland: Cosmopolitan and friendly, Midland is the social heart of Korvosa.
• High Bridge: The primary inhabitants of this residential district are laborers or the families of those working in the Korvosan
Guard or Sable Company.
• Pillar Hill: This is Korvosa’s most demographically diverse neighborhood.
• Slope: This neighborhood features a large number of small and private libraries, museums, and other bastions of culture.
• West Dock: This rugged neighborhood contains no significant residences, and instead features several warehouses and food
processing buildings.
North Point: The seat of Korvosa’s municipal power, this was first section of the mainland settled by the city’s Chelish founders.
• Five Corners: A crowded residential ward, this neighborhood caters to the city’s politicians and their underlings.
• Mainshore: Once the site of some of the bloodiest battles in Korvosa’s early history, this area is where Korvosa’s truly old money
still resides.
• Northgate: Many of Korvosa’s non-noble elites and old-money families dwell in this residential neighborhood.
• Ridgefield: This is the most crowded of North Point’s neighborhoods, plagued with poverty and desperation.
Old Korvosa: The original site of the city, the oldest district in Korvosa is its most crowded and least affluent today.
• Bridgefront: Crowded but narrow, Bridgefront is a dismal and filthy slum.
• Fort Korvosa: Once the heart of Korvosa’s military strength, this neighborhood is a decaying remnant of its former glory.
• Garrison Hill: Cramped and bustling with activity, Garrison Hill fights a constant battle to avoid the decay and destitution of its
neighboring wards.
• Old Dock: Only the awful state of Bridgefront’s slums keeps decaying Old Dock from being Korvosa’s most run-down and leastdesirable
Southern Korvosa: This is the newest district officially added to the city.
• South Shore: Much more open than most of the rest of the city, South Shore hosts many of Korvosa’s new nobility.
• Gray: Once considered its own district, the city’s sprawling cemeteries are now considered to be part of Southern Korvosa.


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