Conf lict, misery, and division define the history of Korvosa. Founded as an island fortress at the edge of a hostile and untamed land, Korvosa evolved over time into a bustling and energetic trade center. Several distinct periods define the history of Korvosa from its blood-splattered founding to its current turmoil.

Before the city’s founding, the site on which Korvosa stands was sacred to the Shoanti a tribe of the barbarous Tharn man-beasts, although most have forgotten why. They knew only that the large pyramid atop the hill at the mouth of the river was to be guarded at all costs and that no one was ever to enter it. For hundreds of years, they kept this promise as a trade port of the kingdom of Llael.

Three hundred years ago (in 320 AR) a group of Ryn merchants from Laedry rescued an abandoned group of royal marines trapped on a hostile island and founded Fort Merywy. The settlement acted as a strong defensive position and trading post for settlers, pioneers, trappers, and explorers in the area. After much of the settlement burned during a Tharn raid (an event known as the Great Fire), an influx of Llaelese gold and tradesmen strengthened the settlement’s defenses and allowed its residents to move onto the mainland. An ill-fated insult against a very prominent noble family sparked the Cousins’ War, in 402 AR. The war ended Merywyn’s role as a military outpost and—with a further influx of the overbloated Llaelese nobility—made the settlement into a true colony. A period of great wealth followed, leading to a steady increase in size.

Merywyn’s prosperity came crashing down in 606 AR, when an escalating series of border conflicts between the kingdom of Llael and its neighbor, the empire of Khador kicked off the Great War throughout the Iron Kingdoms. Cut off from the capital, Merywyn survived these dark times… but was conquered by Khador and renamed Korvosa, translating to ‘New Korska.’ It occupied a brief but brutal occupation, during which many of its most notable landmarks were destroyed in an effort to make this newest and most distant city of the Khadoran Tsar. In recognition of the tenth anniversary of Llael’s occupation, its leader was given the title of “Grand Prince,” embracing its traditional title during its time as an independent kingdom.

Today, Korvosa prospers again, thanks to (or in some cases, despite) its self-appointed royalty.



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