Korvosa, before its conquest, was a major city within the defunct Kingdom of Llael. It wears its Rynnish heritage proudly on every building, tower, and rooftop – though decades of Khadoran occupation has made for a strange blending of the ornate and the functional. Korvosa is the easternmost human city, and considers itself a founding city in an otherwise lawless and wild region. Thanks to it and the spread of its people, Southryne has become a relatively safe place to live. Korvosa also calls itself the fastest-growing city in Llael, and while this remains true (despite is neighbor Laedry gaining on it) it once housed even more people than it does now. This shrinking of its poulation has left some parts of teh city (particularly near the southern end of the hill) underpopulated, even as the poorest members of society crush together in Old Korvosa.

Climate: Temperate; cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow and fog; sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms

Terrain: Varied; ancient mountains and hills to the north; rich fertile plains, limestone ranges and basins to the west; deciduous woodlands, hillocks, and highlands to the south; lowlands and coniferous woodlands to the east

Natural resources: Coal and sulfur, aluminum ore, low-grade iron ore, silica, clays, salt, timber, arable land


Citadel Vraid: Built at Korvosa’s expense for the Exemplar Order of the Nail, this impressive structure stands atop a narrow table within the southern arm of the mountains. Nearly impervious and built to intimidate as much as protect, Citadel Vraid dominates the valleys and passes it overlooks. The Order of the Nail calls the citadel its home and from the black gothic castle the Exemplars patrol in southeastern Llael. In theory, the Exemplars of Citadel Vraid are totally allied with Korvosa and frequently act as shock troops when the Korvosan Guard feels outmatched or doesn’t want to risk its own soldiers. Truthfully, the Order of the Nail serves only itself and remains on Korvosa’s “side” as long as the city pays it.

Jaldunhoff: The rhulic dwarves of Jaldunhoof quarry the dark surfaces of the mountains to extract prized black marble. They supplement this by mining veins of valuable oes, such as thick bands of dark magnetite (iron) and chalcocite (copper) a vast strand of silver, and a thin thread of quicksilver. Every pebble of black marble and every gram of silver the dwarves extract go to Korvosa, while they openly sell goods they work from the iron and copper ores to whomever can afford their prices. The quicksilver they keep for themselves. Thanks to more than two centuries of trade and mutual protection, Jaldunhoof and Korvosa maintain a healthy and synergistic relationship.

This trade partnership extends beyond the two cities, as Jaldunhoff acts as a middleman of sorts for Korvosa and the Tharn of the Shoanti tribe. Rise. Because the two groups hate one
another but also desperately wish to trade with one another, the dwarves act as intermediaries. While they charge only minimal fees for their services, the dwarves of Jaldunhoff continue to make steady profits.

Ios, Home of the Elves" Little is known of those withdrawn creatures of secluded Ios. It’s true they have dispatched ambassadors on occasion into the major kingdoms—Cygnar and Llael, mainly—but their emissaries reveal as little as possible about their homeland. It is understood that Iosans are extremely territorial, ruthless even with those who ignore their borders. My brethren, in fact, have mentioned their suspicions of an elven plot against the arcane orders, but most humans know nothing. One can only say that the elves humans have actually observed are fair and beautiful people, but dispassionate, their almond-shaped eyes cold and filled with a kind of indistinct desolation, for lack of any better description.

Glimmerwood: Located southwest of Ios, the Glimmerwood has a reputation for strangeness that extends beyond its murky interior. Its southern fringes lie near the Widower’s Wood through a long stretch of swamp along the Black River, but the Glimmerwood is considerably less swampy, being affected more by the arid climate of the Marches. Both forests occupy a zone between Cygnar, Llael, and the nearby Bloodstone Marches, which contributes to their troubled nature. The Glimmerwood remains relatively wild and untouched by human expansion. Korvosa is the nearest major city, but the Ryn considered the forest a cursed place and never sought to claim it. Thickly overgrown, the forest earned its name from patches of algae and lichen that glow with a ghostly blue light at night, reflecting off smooth birch trunks and casting an eerie glimmer throughout the forest. Northern Cygnaran nobles have occasionally considered attempts to clear and claim this land but have never organized to do so, discouraged by the trollkin kriels and Tharn who call it home


More than just a city, Korvosa exerts direct control or strong influence over much of southeastern Llael. Its power stretches as far west as the Fenwall Mountains and Ashwood Forest and as far north as the Rynyr Mountains.

Abkyn: A pacifistic commune of peace-loving riff-raff. Pays taxes in the form of cabble-weed, flayleaf, and sometimes food.

Biston: A town of fishermen and farmers entirely within a series of caves near Drek Lake. Occasionally rears an independent streak. Peasant rebellions – especially after the conquest – are put down by force.

Basylwyf: Born in Cygnar but loyal to Korvosa, Jaydyn Basylwyf worked as a surveyor and catrographer. Eventually founded a small mining community

Melfesh: Korvosa’s largest inland holding, Melfesh connects the Black River and the Jeggare River with a massive drawbridge. Korvosan soldiers often help uphold the exorbitant toll costs.

Palin’s Cove: A military outpost that frequently endures sieges by the Tharn in the southwest; a small industrial marvel that pours black smoke and gunfire into the sky.

Siarthu: A small, poor town recently annexed. A dirty community without hope, but notable for legends of a girl blessed by Morrow working miracles.

Veldryne: A small naval settlement along the massive Black River.


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