Religions of Man

The twin god and goddess of good and evil, respectively. As humans, both found enlightenment through their actions, but while Morrow found it through helping others and improving the world around him, Thamar used people for her own self serving desires. Morrow is the good, virtuous brother, while Thamar is the vicious evil sister. Both teach that all people can reach eventual enlightenment through living their life to the fullest, but the distinction lies in the definition of how people should go about doing that. The religious book used by followers of each twin is the Enkheiridion – a copy of the journals of both twins journeys to enlightenment. If read from one direction this book shows the path of Morrow, while if read from the other it shows the path of Thamar. Morrow and Thamar are worshiped throughout the Iron Kingdoms.

Menoth created man to serve Him. Follow the path of His True Law, and you will have civilization, order, and prosperity. Reject Him, and you deserve only immolation.
The Creator of Man. God of the old religion before the ascension of Morrow and Thamar. While humans claim he also created the world and ordered its seasons, others disagree. Still, no one suggests the creation of Man was anything but his doing. He is a stern, cruel god of unbending law, and those who follow the path of his “True Law” see all others as grossly insufficient and deserving of immolation. Worship of Menoth within the Iron Kingdoms has waned in recent years, but there is still a large population of Menite followers in the colder lands of Khador and small Menite communities are dotted around the Iron Kingdoms. The Protectorate of Menoth is a political area within the Kingdom of Cygnar where Menites have gained a measure of self governance after 150 years of conflict over the region. This Protectorate exists in a harsh desert where the majority of early Menite temples and ruins can be found. The cultural atmosphere there is one of absolute submission to the True Law and religious leaders hold complete sway over the population, punishing minor infractions and selecting locals to don robes and masks in order to police the streets with anonymity.

The newest organized religion in the region, the Cult of Cyriss is very mysterious and secretive. This goddess is also called the Maiden of Gears and is the goddess of technology, engineering, mathematics, astronomy, and clockwork. She has only been worshipped for a few centuries, and while not forbidden or actively hunted, belief in Cyriss is highly mistrusted by the Morrowan majority.

Religions of Beasts


The ancient enemy of Menoth, worshiped only by secret cults or on the fringes of civilization. While many do not class this creature as a god, it seems to be exceedingly powerful, immortal, and enduring. Its other names include the Beast of All Shapes, the Vomiter of Darkness, and the Unsleeping One. Some races and people claim the Devourer is a natural power of predation and storms, namely the Circle, an ominous group of humans who also refer to themselves as the druids. Most citizens of Cygnar and the civilized kingdoms have nothing but loathing for the cult of the Wurm and presume them guilty of human sacrifices, cannibalism, and other dark rituals.


Natural mother-deity of most ogrun, trollkin, and goblins. Believed by groups who believe in her to be the mother of the Devourer Wurm, ogrun, trollkin, goblins, and most natural and supernatural creatures.

Other Faiths


The Great Fathers are the paragons of Dwarvenkind and stand as a symbol of unity for all the Dwarven people. Strong as the mountain they toppled, they are passionate of all their works, whether a tower to touch the sky of Kharg Drogun or wielding axe and sword against their foes. The Great Fathers are the heart and soul of Dwarven society. Their spoken word became the laws of Rhul, holding the dwarves together for fifty-six centuries- the oldest greatest civilization of Western Immoren. Their blood still sings in the veins of the Stone Lords who lead the Moot, and their hands crafted the foundations of the great city of Ghord.


Due to the secretive nature of Ios, very few know their pantheon or faith save a few ancient Dwarven priestesses. Rumors abound that their gods are missing, dead, or worse.


A living god who rules the Scharde islands to the south through a series of lich lord lieutenants, necrotechs, hordes of mechanikally enhanced undead, and blight-ridden inhabitants who fear his wrath and will kill all who stand against him. Toruk is not acknowledged as a god by most, but cult priests of Toruk are able to draw upon his power to perform amazing, though terrifying acts of divine magic. Toruk’s plans are unknown, but his agents are found throughout the Iron Kingdoms, and eyes are constantly on the horizon for signs of his movements.


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