The kingdoms of western Immoren are both young and old, a paradox that creates some tension between within and between them. Each is rich in culture, tradition, pride, and the potential for bitter enmity.

In the north stands the vast nation of Khador, its lands noted mostly for the freezing bite of its ice-encased mountains and less for the milder plains, rivers, lakes, farmlands, and hills of its southern expanses. Khadorans have a long history as warriors and conquerers, having risen to dominate their rugged lands as well as any rivals they have encountered.

East of Khador and enjoying its share of rugged and frozen peaks is the dwarven nation of Rhul. This unbroken civilization predates all human claims. Politically, Rhul lacks the desire for war that consumes the human nations, although recent battles have lured many Rhulic citizens for the test their mettle as mercenaries.

In the west is Ord, a small kingdom boasting hardy people but not blessed with an abudnacnce of resources. Ord is a land of fog-shrouded moors, imposing hills, and a stretch of coastline boasting ports that are the pride of the nation.

Northeast of Ord and south of Rhul was Llael, once famed for its vineyards and clever merchants but recently fallen to foreign invasion. Llael has been aggressively claimed by Khador, trodden by the boots of Cygnaran soldiers, and occupied by zealots of the Protectorate of Menoth. Some few Llaelese resit their conquerors, and there are those who still dream of freedom, but such dreams fade with each passing day.

Just east of war-torn Llael lies the enigmatic nation of Ios, home to the elves. Nestled in a vast forest valley between barrier mountains that prevent the encroachment of the Bloodstone Marches, Ios has long isolated itself from the affairs of mankind. Unlike Rhulfolk, who are seen often in cities abroad, Iosans keep to themselves.

South of Ord and Llael is the mighty nation of Cygnar, long Khador’s hated enemy. Cygnar is a large kingdom rich in resources and fertile lands. Accordingly it boasts the largest population and one of the mightiest militaries in western Immoren. It holds the southern peninsula along the Broken Coast and thereby has the longest stretch of shoreline of any in the Iron Kingdoms, with a powerful navy to match. As large as the kingdom appears on a map, much of its southern and western lands are covered by the dense mountains of the Wyrmwall, uncivilized and treacherous peaks never tamed by man. It is a diverse nation with strong-willed and well-educated populace, but its leaders sometimes become distracted by internal disagreements, impeding their ability to commit to decisive action.

For all Cygnar’s power and wealth, its standing is perilous. It is surrounded by enemies and for years has been beset on every side. In addition to its Khadoran rivals to the north, it must guard against the Protectorate of Menoth to the east and Cryx to the west. Even the wasteland called the Bloodstone Marches that occupies much of its northeastern border has become a menace, disgorging the aggressive skorne to assail them. That Cygnar still stands against so many is a testament to the resolve of its people as much as to the strength of its arms.


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